Holding Three Pieces of My Heart

The first time you hold your child is always a moment a mother never forgets. It’s a little extra special for mother’s with babies in the NICU because she has been longing for that moment since her child took his first breath. Since the triplets had been born I clung to the pictures I had…

My Triplet Birth Story

The doctor on call, Dr. D, was making rounds and he asked me what was wrong. I had been in tears all morning because my ribs hurt so bad and I could barely breathe. My nurse had already given me Tylenol and tried everything she could think of to help, but nothing was working. Dr….

Hospital Stay

When I️ wanted to give up I️ would talk to the babies. I️ promised them that I️ would fight and be strong for them as long as possible and they had to do the same when they were born.

And Then There Were Three…

I knew I had one pregnancy test left somewhere so I dug through our bathroom and found it. I didn’t want to stand in the bathroom and wait for the disappointing results like I had done every month for the past year.