Hey there, I am fortunate enough to be born and raised in sunny San Diego. I never imagined that God would bless my sweet husband and I with triplets. I can’t imagine our life without them though. I am excited to raise them in a small mountain town east of San Diego, where they can let their imagination go wild in our backyard with our silly great dane. We are lucky to have both of our families close by because we really need a village to help raise these hooligans.

I will be sharing our adventures that will hopefully give you a chuckle or an ah ha moment that you may be experiencing in your own life. As well as a few tips and tricks that you might be able to use with your littles as well. The cliche saying “children don’t come with a manual” is all too true. So us parents should help each other out by sharing our own stories and suggesting things that work for us that might work for your littles.

I graduated from San Diego State University with my Bachelors of Applied Science in Child and Family Development. I have always loved children and babies so this was an easy path for me to take. I am a behaviorist, so I believe behavior is based on stimuli in the environment. Before becoming a mom I was an Applied Behavioral Therapist, which means I worked with children with autism and their parents in their homes. This was an amazing experience where I learned an immense amount.  Hopefully the knowledge I have accrued through my studies and experience as ABA Therapist will help me navigate the waters of raising triplets.

By no means am I here to tell you what you are doing wrong or how you should be raising your littles. You have your parents, in laws, and  any stranger on the street who thinks their intitled to an opinion. I am not an expert I am just another mom who loves her littles and would like to share our adventures and ideas with you. Do what works best for you because you are the expert on your littles. Just love your littles, as that is all they really need.

Lots of Love,