Giggles and Grace

Our triplets are one year old now and I can’t believe how much our lives have changed.  Everyday we are met with new challenges and changes as our littles develop into healthy, lively people. Nothing is better than having healthy children but, in the day to day life with three toddlers exploring their world, it can be challenging not to loose your sanity. Other parents and people often tell us, ” I dont know how you do it!”. In all honesty we dont know how we do it either. We just do it because we don’t have any other choice and more importantly because these are our children. Our love for them is insurmountable and we do everything we can to help them grow into healthy  individuals.


Of course it is hard raising triplets. We have three one year olds who don’t know how to share, who think the entire world is their playground, who don’t understand that they can get hurt, who all want mom at the same time, and when they are hungry it means it is time to eat right now. Despite all the challenges that arise everyday I look for grace in the little moments. I hold onto that grace to help me get through all the challenging moments.

Somedays, I really have to step back and acknowledge those moments of grace because I get caught up in the negative aspects of our day. I get down on myself because my house isn’t as clean as it should be or I feel like I am failing as a mom at that moment because all three littles got hurt and I should have been there to prevent it but, I was busy comforting the first one that got hurt. Now that I know to look for Grace in my life it is a lot easier to not get down on myself and recognize all the good things.

Sometimes those moments of grace are when all three are playing together and I have a few minutes to get the dishes done. Or it is when they all go running to greet dad when he gets home from work. Or when they sit down on the couch instead of superman jumping off of it hoping mom will catch them. Or when they are all laughing so hard that they fall down. Once I am able to step back and realize all those moments of grace that I missed or those moments of grace that are unfolding right in front of me it really does give me a better perspective and our day gets much better.

I challenge everyone, whether you are a parent or not, to find grace in your lives. Find those little moments that you really should be thankful for and bask in all their glory. Grace is the free and unmerrited favor of God. That is right GRACE is free and you may not deserve it but, seek it and let it change your life for the better so, one day you will deserve it. It is definately not easy to always find grace in your life, especialy when everything seems to be going wrong. If you are able to step back and look at the bigger picture than it makes you realize all of the things that are going right. If you can’t seem to see the grace in your life, than just ask God to open your heart and mind and you will find it.




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