Half way to First

Some how we have survived six months with triplets. And we have another 17 1/2 years to go. Time has flown by and these littles don’t seem to care that their adjusted age is 4 months. They are almost sitting up on their own. They are scooting across the floor because apparently it’s a contest to see who can crawl first. Once they are mobile it’s going to be a whole new ball game for mom and Dad. They love their exersaucers because they want to be standing all the time and we simply just don’t have enough hands. Mister Mathis jumps and rocks his so hard I’m afraid it might fall apart ( I put it together and I’m not sure if it’s correct). Anyways enough bragging about how amazing our babies are. Here is how I think we survived these past 6 months.

LAUGHTER. Joe and I have laughed at ourselves and at them so much these past six months I should have abs of steel. We laugh over the little things and the big things. Like how I should have played basketball because I’m amazing at throwing dirty clothes in the hamper. Just kidding, I miss by a mile and Joe forbids me from even attempting to throw clothes in the dirty hamper. Hey I have to be pretty talented to get them out the door that’s at a ninety degree angle from me. Honestly, we usually are laughing at the “that didn’t work” moments and of course the funny new reactions or things the babies do. So, as a new parent don’t take life too seriously. Laugh at yourself, laugh at your partner, and laugh at your baby.

COFFEE. Mostly cold coffee… lukewarm if I’m lucky. I would be lying in my grave by now if I didn’t have coffee these past six months. Realistically, I know I would be fine, but that’s not how I feel in the morning. Some mornings I wake up and I’m like okay it’s going to be a coffee ALL DAY kind of day because I barely got any sleep. Then there are those days where I make my normal amount of morning coffee and before I know it the day is over. Babies were fussy and the whole house is a disaster and I FINALLY get them all to take a nap at the same time so, I chug a cup or two and clean the house as fast as possible.

With all that said, we have UNICORNS (or Unicorn babies). If you’re wondering what that means here is the most simple explanation I can muster. Think of the ideal baby…goes down for a nap easily, happy all the time, only needs the essentials like a diaper change or food. Some might say an angel baby, but I love unicorns so I call them my unicorn babies. Some say that they’re triplets so they have to be good, but I have talked to other triplet moms and it’s not always true. We are truly blessed with the happiest, easy going babies I have ever met. Yes we have those days when they are fussy or just want to be held, but for the most part they are so sweet and good. When they are two years old this might be a whole different story and I’m sure when they are 13 I’ll tell you differently, but right now they are my unicorn babies.

6 month update


Weight: 13 lbs 8.5oz

Length: 26 inches

Favorite thing/activity: yelling at Mom, Dad, and brothers and sleeping

Favorite food: bananas

Developmental milestones: sitting with minimal assistance, blowing raspberries, scooting across the floor, learning to eat


Weight: 13 lbs 9.5 oz

Length: 27 in

Favorite thing/ activity: jumping in the exersaucer and being naked

Favorite food: sweet potatoes

Developmental milestones: sitting with minimal assistance, scooting across the floor, sticking his tongue out, learning to eat


Weight: 13 lbs 6 oz

Length: 25.5 inches

Favorite food: sweet potatoes

Favorite thing/activity: stealing toys from brother and sister, giving Mom kisses, and eating baby food

Developmental milestone: sitting with minimal assistance, scooting across the floor, “walking” with mom’s help, learning to eat

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